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ARAS Residential Care advocacy supports anyone who lives in an Australian Government funded residential Aged care home, potential residents, and their nominated representatives.

An advocate can provide information about your rights to help you self-advocate when you have an issue of concern that you want to resolve. Alternatively, with your consent and after consultation, the advocate can represent you in your dealings with the aged care home.

ARAS can assist you to address your care concerns, and ensure that your aged care rights are upheld.

Click here to view the Charter of Aged Care Rights. 

ARAS can also:

  • provide general information about rights and entitlements in residential aged care
  • ensure that you are included in decisions that are made about your care
  • provide a guest speaker for your resident/advisory group
  • refer you to other services that are appropriate for your needs, such as legal or counseling services
  • provide information about Compulsory Reporting of abuse to an older person.

ARAS Scope of Service 2019 Residential & Community (Home Care)