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What does ARAS provide

  • Information about the rights and responsibilities of older people as consumers of aged care services in the community and in aged care facilities.
  • Information about living in Retirement Villages.
  • Support to older people and/or their representatives.
  • to be involved in decision making about their quality of care and quality of life in aged care.
  • to raise and pursue their concerns or issues about care and service issues.
  • to participate in providing feedback about their level of satisfaction with the services they receive.
  • to participate in consumer/resident groups.
  • Assistance to older people or their representatives to speak for themselves or we will represent them on request.
  • Strategies to assist older people to safeguard themselves where they are at risk of abuse by someone they should be able to trust.
  • Information and education sessions about rights and responsibilities, abuse prevention and the role of ARAS.
  • Assistance with policy enhancement or development to ensure that consumer rights are upheld.
  • ARAS uses the term of abuse of older people in SA instead of elder abuse